Wednesday, June 28, 2006

You're not really there...

I was going to write more about religion, about "loving" one's enemies, today... and I still might. I was going to write about how the book was coming and playing catch... and I still might.

But then, I got a look at this and it reminded me why I think science is so fucking cool. There it is, your general, retail-priced, laundry day hydrogen atom. The proton looks like a planet and the electron is represented by a single pixel. At this scale, the distance between the two is equivalent to eleven miles! Not a small walk!

This is what the physicists and the Buddhists mean when they say you're not really there. Nothing exists. There is no solid matter, just the interplay of forces so mysterious they might as well be... God.

It's a lot like what you're reading right now. The words don't really exist; they are but electronic signals shuttling around on horny electrons. Vibrations pass along wires and signals through the air and become my words as close as the screen before me and as far as the other side of the planet - and more. No words here, just energy, just vibration, all passing incredible distances of nothing, over and over.

Hope that helps put you on solid ground... even if it isn't...

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