Friday, June 16, 2006

The Truth about the day I married Vicky...

This weekend, Vicky and I will celebrate the anniversary of our first date, which was June 20, 2004. We're going to return to the same restaurant where we had our first date on Sunday, coinciding perfectly with our first date since that was also on Father's Day. We don't make a huge deal over it but it's nice to remember.

The huge deal is in September. That's when we'll celebrate our first wedding anniversary.

I've decided to stick with the traditional anniversary schedule. You know: Paper the first year, Cotton the second, Iron the sixth... it's a joke. But the nice thing is that you can embellish. On our sixth-year anniversary, I could give her a ring on an iron railroad spike... you know, if we ever took the train, which we don't, so that won't work. But you get the idea.

This year is paper. I expect the gift will be something inside paper gift wrap or something.

But I want to do something more.

It's these kinds of ideas that fester inside my subconscious, swimming around down there like sea monkeys, waiting to bob to the surface. I know they're down there. I know what they're trying to do. I'm familiar enough with myself - they don't surprise me.

So, I know what the idea is and I'll tell you, but I don't think it's going to happen. For three or four years, up until a year and a half ago, I sent out Christmas CDs as gifts to everyone. The last two included monologues that I'd written. I didn't make one last year. Last year's monologue was supposed to be the one I'd written about our wedding.

And that's what wants to happen. Part of me wants to finish that monologue.

It's not a good idea. The monologue isn't so much about our wedding day as it is about the stress I experienced in getting married - after making a shambles of my first marriage. I couldn't believe I was going to put Vicky through that. In addition, I was filing a court case against Rosa, so she was on my mind. By the time the wedding day came around, I was looking around the corner at my third nervous breakdown and I didn't care for that very much. On our wedding day, Rosa paid me several hallucinatory visits. That didn't stop after the ceremony. While we were in the Bahamas, I ran into two hallucinations of myself at the same time. I'd never hallucinated myself before... it was very strange.

So, why would I want to record this whole mess and put it on a CD? Why would I want anyone to hear that?

You see? And even as I write that out, I realize what a horrible idea it would be. So, like I said, it probably won't happen.

I'll buy her flowers...


Jenn from WA said...

First things first....the gift. Vicky - don't read this.

My personal favorite 1st Anniversary gift story was from a former friend of mine (see he's no longer my friend because he got married - freaking married people) Anyhow. He bought his wife a gift certificate to a day spa. Not that original. BUT the way he gave it to her was REALLY original.

He bought a HUGE white box. The type that JC Penny's would give you for a big coat. He TAPED the spa ticket backwards to the side of the box. Filled the box with little ghost poopies(aka packing peanuts) and a big rock - for weight. Inside the box was also 7 envelopes that sent her all around the house looking for the gift. It brought her RIGHT back to the box. Which he had to explain where the gift was...but it was creative and fun and sooo something I would do.

And if that doesn't work, see if you can get her some of those paper dresses at the hospital. Those will sure look nice on her.

Fred Mertz said...

Paper dresses FTW!