Friday, June 30, 2006

The book I'd write if only I could draw...

I've been blessed by a sort of prolific breeze this past year. I've been pumping out books like an off-shore derrick but much safer.

One interesting (or so I think) new wrinkle is how quickly my mind gets finished with a book long, long before I actually... get finished with a book. That said, I hit the 60,000 word mark today and I figured that gave me permission to tell you the most recent tale banging away at my noggin.

Usually, I'd write the story but this isn't a story with words or, at least, not with many. In fact, I don't really know what this story is about.

But I'll tell you how it goes. If I was to write it, I'd draw it out, like a children's book for adults, or I'd film it in black and white.

The story goes like this.

There's this couple, you see. They're very much in love. One day, one of them dies and leaves the other terribly unhappy. But, also, in another universe, the other person dies and the opposite one is very unhappy.

Through this sadness, the two people find each other. Actually, it's the sadnesses that finds each other; the two people don't know anything about it. The sadnesses wind their way through the universes and very nearly touch. They are separated by the gossamer veil that holds the two universes apart.

Miraculously, though, little bits of each universe find their way to each other. The man loses his watch and, as it slips through the gossamer veil, she finds it and it reminds her of him. She loses her necklace and it, too, slips through. And as they find these things, their sadness and the burning love they still feel for each other starts to work away at this veil separating the two universes.

Soon, they can hear the other's voice. They can see mirage images of the other. All their friends tell them they're crazy. They become institutionalized, medication, discouraged, but still, through all of that, their love and the terrible sadness of being apart, remains their own, personal truth.

Finally, when everyone in their world has given up on them, called them crazy, rejected the possibility of this extraordinary bond, the veil breaks - it's torn aside - and the universes crash together in an incredible, cataclysmic event that only lasts for a second.

Then, the two universes put themselves right. The two lovers are shunted away - into their own universe. One where they were never apart. One where they are happy and loved and in the place where they belong.

It's a fairy tale.

Just thought I'd share it with you.

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Jenn from WA said...

Excellent use of a $4 word: cataclysmic - love that word