Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Having a catch...

I'm nearly 2/3 of the way through the book. Things are really coming together. Max and Arthur are bonding by playing catch, not because they love it but because they're both so inept about it. Max actually has to look up how to throw a ball (without looking like a girl) in the Internet.

(That's all I'm writing about the book - I promise!)

Do the research for this and actually writing about playing catch stirred something in me... and it was rather uncomfortable.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I've never been the most athletic guy. Aside from being on the track team in high school, I've never excelled at just about any sport. In fact, I don't much like sports. I've always been more a resident of the mind, my body being a delivery system for martinis.

But then, this thought crept up on me... what would it be like to have a catch? I mean, crap, that's something I haven't done since I was too young to be out after the streetlights were on! I was never very good at it. I won't say for certain that I threw like a girl but I do know it wasn't pleasurable. It was so long ago, I struggle to remember the mechanics!

But the thought of a baseball in my hand, throwing it, the feel of the it coming back and smacking my mitt... foreign thoughts but why not? Why not take a detour from the neighborhood of the mind and see what this fad of physical activity is all about?

So, I asked Vicky last night. "Wanna have a catch?" I proposed it as a sort of back exercise regimen. After all, it is kind of a full-body exercise. She looked at me like I was crazy but she didn't say "No". I even asked Sean if he'd like to have a catch sometime.

Hey, this might become my next, big thing. I might love this!

I might also find that I throw like a girl and learn that I should never, ever do that.

Knowing is half the battle...


Yasser said...

well even if you find that you throw like a girl are you going to give up that easily ?

Jenn from WA said...

Throwing like a girl is on thing, but being a girl is an entirely different bird. Be thankful you're not a girl...then you would FOR SURE throw like a girl.

My fondest memory of playing catch was with a little shit boy from down the street. Yah, he didn't know we were playing and I throw the big softwall at him and smacked him in the eye. Good times. But he deserved it, he stole my marbles. Which for the record I never got back.