Monday, June 26, 2006

More bad ideas from a guy with a sense of humor...

You want to know what I like? Here's what I like: People find me hard to pin down. I'm a spiritual atheist, and that gives some people a headache. "You're a what? How's that possible?" I wrote a book called Revelations, about the love of God, and a play called Atheists, about faithful people who can't love.

And then, I sat back and watched heads explode.

Okay... maybe not.

But I've been a spiritual person my whole life, sometimes more than others. When I was a born-again Christian (go take the aspirin now), I wasn't very spiritual. I tended to follow blindly a lot of what I was told. Becoming an atheist opened me up to my spiritual side.

Mind you, some people can't get past the title: ATHEIST. They fear for my immortal soul, yada yada yada. Nothing to worry about, I say. I'm just fine.

And then, I write things like I posted the other night. (See "Let's try this for a change...") The kingdom of heaven is in what? Cheese???

But it gets worse, and this is where I begin to chuckle. You see, I then forwarded that on to my mom, who has never grown comfortable with my spiritual beliefs... actually, she hates it. I send her an article I write about the kingdom of heaven being in a slice of Kraft Singles... why?

I guess because that's what spirituality is all about, to me. I'm not very fond of the dogmatic. I believe in leaving enough room in your spirituality for doubt, for investigation, for other people's beliefs - to open yourself up enough to the void, to the mystery, to say, "I can see the Christ, the Brahman, the Buddha nature within even those who hate me" is a virtuous goal. I'm not there, yet. I'm far from there.

I'm starting with cheese.

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Jenn from WA said...

The best part about Christianity that I think Christians forget, is being loving and opened and NON judgmental. But, of course, they hide behind their "spirituality" to condemn those of us who may not believe the same way.

I believe in a God. I have a view of what I believe he is. I don't however, want anyone else to tell me how my spirituality should be. I, like you, think there's more out there then just one God or one right way. It just can't be that cut and dry.

And don't even get me started on the Bible. Oh I'll probably go to hell, but not for this reason.