Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Occupy Everything - Together...

If you haven't heard about Occupy Wall Street, you should because it's spreading.

Now, Occupy Together seeks to bring this grass-roots movement to your neighborhood and more power to 'em, I say.

I don't know if I'll make it to the LA events but I am surely looking into it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Hex Returns To Rynia, Sons of Rynia Book Three, is NOW AVAILABLE…

Tsurtor has invaded Rynia and scattered its protectors to other kingdoms and other worlds. From the first volume (A Hex to Save Rynia) to the second (A Hex Beyond Rynia), the Sons of Rynia trilogy has begun. And now, the final chapter in the epic Sons of Rynia trilogy is available!

You can find it for your Kindle and Kindle-app equipped reader on Amazon.

You can find it for all e-readers on Smashwords.

I hope you enjoy all the Rynia books and look for more e-books from Ken La Salle coming soon!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

OCPA Studios delivers “A Pound of Flesh” to Hunger Artists Theatre...

Just a taste of some PR I've been floating about...

OCPA Studios continues at Hunger Artists Theatre with the reading of an epic comedy by Ken La Salle, “A Pound of Flesh & The Devil”. “A Pound of Flesh & The Devil” will appear at Hunger Artists Theatre on October 15th at 4pm. Admission is free. For complete directions on how to get to the theater, check the Hunger Artists website at

“A Pound of Flesh & The Devil” is an epic, historic comedy that was directly inspired by the hit film “Flesh & The Devil” with Greta Garbo and John Gilbert. “A Pound of Flesh & The Devil” skewers the historic melodrama with a 21st century twist, an abundance of inappropriate sexuality… and zombies.
Ken La Salle’s work generally tilts towards the bizarre and twisted, and “A Pound of Flesh & The Devil” fits very well in those categories. You may have seen his comedy, “The Myth of the Cubicle” recently at the OC-Centric New Play Festival at Chapman University. Other plays recently produced included “The Spunk Taste of Hell” at Sacred Fools Theater and “Persecution Complex” at Theatre of NOTE. You can find an extensive interview with Ken, along with a copy of his play “Murielle’s Big Date” on the online magazine Connotation Press: His books can be found in ebook format on (for the Kindle) and (for all e-reader formats). He is represented by Sullivan Maxx Literary Agency.

“A Pound of Flesh & The Devil” will appear at Hunger Artists Theatre on September 10th at 4pm. Admission is free. OCPA Studio’s second season of informal readings has included some of the best plays by local writers. Both organizations are enthusiastic about bringing new and exciting theater to Orange County.

The Orange County Playwrights Alliance (OCPA) began on April 1, 1995 with an informal meeting in an oncologist's office in Anaheim. Since then, OCPA has become the fundamental group for playwrights in O.C., presenting staged readings and productions of plays at venues such as the Hunger Artists Theatre, the Vanguard Theatre, Rude Guerrilla Theatre Company, STAGESTheatre, Chapman University, the Curtis Theatre, and Newport Theatre Arts Center. OCPA playwrights have been produced across the United States, and have won national and regional playwrighting awards. You can find the OCPA website at

Hunger Artists Theatre Company was founded in 1996 and is the first Orange County based alternative theater. Located on the east end of Fullerton's vibrant Theatre Community, Hunger Artists has transformed an industrial warehouse into an unexpected art-house gem. This intimate storefront theatre seats 50 and stages an array of alternative theatrical entertainment. The Hunger Artists have a long tradition of premiering local playwrights from Fengar Gael's "The Cantor's Tale" to Johnna Adams's "Cockfighters" and "Sans Merci". Focusing on innovative storytelling and producing thought-provoking art, The Hunger Artists pride themselves on hosting an annual playwriting festival, "Beyond Convention" to push the boundaries of traditional theater.

Friday, September 16, 2011

A Hex Beyond Rynia, Book Two of the Sons of Rynia Trilogy, now available…

I’m happy to announce that the second book of the Sons of Rynia trilogy, A Hex Beyond Rynia, is now available for Kindle and all e-readers.

A Hex To Save Rynia, the first book of the series, witnessed the first battles in the war between Rynia and its old enemy, Tsurtor. Tsurtor launches that war with devastating effect in the second book of the Sons of Rynia trilogy: A Hex Beyond Rynia.

The third, and final, installment of the trilogy, A Hex Returns to Rynia, will be released in Fall 2011.

You can find A Hex Beyond Rynia at the following locations:

For your Kindle or Kindle-app, click this link to go to Amazon.

For all other e-readers, clink this link to go to Smashwords.

I thank everyone who has supported me and enjoyed the Rynia books so far and I hope you post your positive review at your point of purchase soon!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reviews coming in for A Grand Canyon...

After seeing a couple of reviews for my memoir on depression, A Grand Canyon, I thought I'd give you an update.

The first two were hot and cold, one very positive and the other - well, the guy basically wanted me dead for some reason. But I thought the third one was very special and I'm posting that here now:

This book was an easy read. Felt like reading someones diary but well written. This author is a entertaining writer and his talent can't be dismissed. It was interesting to read about his struggles through his life beginning with his childhood. The topics are sometimes tough to read through, but I did. His writing style makes it so easy to read.

It is difficult to judge someones life's experience. (I think I was glad that wasn't my life) When finishing this book, it made me reflect on all my blessings in life and thank God for his protections in it.

Worth reading!

My favorite quote: "I think I was glad that wasn't my life." Duly noted!

A Grand Canyon: One Man's Journey Through Depression is on sale for all e-readers for only $4.95.
You can pick it up for your Kindle and Kindle-app here.
Or for all other e-readers here.

Thanks for all the positive feedback. I am very happy this book is being enjoyed.

Monday, September 12, 2011

I’m selling my body for medical experiments…

This actually happened today. I actually signed up to be a guinea pig in a medical experiment.

They promised to pay me a certain amount of money if I allowed them to test drugs on me. I used to manage people and now I’m so poor and so desperate for money thanks to this fucked up economy that I literally took a job from a lab rat.

I had a career in marketing that spanned over a decade. I rose from copywriting to marketing management and now I am holding out a sign that reads, “Will let you dissect me for food.” All this because there are no jobs out there.

I’ve applied to marketing jobs and to office jobs, to full and part time jobs, to every retail job you can imagine. Hell, I apply to anything I can find. I even apply to be a lab animal.

So the question then is this… Can it get worse?

I believe it can.

I could be rejected.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

A quick note on the Bible…

There are plenty of pearls of wisdom trapped in the Bible, like bugs in fossilized shit.

The idea that there’s a magic man in the clouds who drops magic babies down for “virgins” to “give birth to” and then be killed by Jews employed by Mel Gibson, wrapping it all up anticlimactically with Kirk Cameron, is certainly far from one of them…

Friday, September 02, 2011

Bordering on insanity…

Vicky and I stopped by the local Borders, which is closing down and has marked all its stock down by 60-80%. I could help notice the stacks of books about or “written by” (which is to say not in any way written by) Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck.

Should I be thankful for a discerning public who won’t even buy these books when marked down 80%? Or should I feel ashamed to be part of a society that would encourage such refuse? (After all, that’s what political donations go to these days.)

I’m not sure. Either way, I was glad to be out of the vast graveyard that used to be Borders. Looks like I hardly knew ye…