Monday, June 19, 2006

Who speaks the truth?...

I just opened Yahoo and saw this story waiting for me.

For those of you not wanting to click the link, the headline reads "Dixie Chicks Bash Patriotism". Is this true? How can this be? Well, it's not true. The fact is, they weren't "bashing patriotism". Rather, they were bashing those Orwellians and spineless apes who portray patriotism to mean "blindly following der Furher."

Look where that has taken us - into a quagmore of an immoral war, into a government that's nearly bankrupt (both morally and financially), into a time when the so-called "compassionate conservatives" make torture and Big Brother tactics the law of the land.

Not a great idea, I'd say.

As if I needed a reminder, today's news was also filled with examples of how this administration has turned diplomacy into bullying and negotiations into threats. Way to go, guys.

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