Thursday, June 15, 2006

Daily drivel...

Here are a couple of things for you.

Meet the new terrorist - Same as the old terrorist

I was also going to call this "We have always been at war with Eurasia" for you Orwell fans out there. (And who isn't, living in an Orwellian world?)

Looks like Zarqawi has a successor. And, of course, he was always meant to have one. As long as the warmongers can keep you afraid, they can keep jerking your chain.

Lists of 100

As soon as I wrote that list, I realized there are a hundred totally different things I could have written. I could write a new list every day, with details both banal and imaginative. What a great tool for self-discovery that is!

... I won't.

California is SO last year

Now, Keith has moved to Washington and all of my brothers are up there. Keith lives in Vancouver, very close to Murphy. Also close to Audrey, my sister, who lives outside of Eugene. Seems like the pacific northwest is the place to be. Mom and I are the last ones left in California, with Dad and Blanche in Arizona. I'm feeling so out of step!

Speaking of Murphy

I made a couple comments about the ever-entertaining Tim Murphy is my last blog and I just wanted to set one straight. Tim was the only person who humored me when I suffered from amnesia - but at least he humored me! He might have been laughing out of the left side of his mouth but he never told me I was crazy or stupid or making it up. That was of inestimable value, having someone who expressed some sympathy. Props to Murphy for that - huge props.

Of course, the bastard's WoW account isn't running out in July so to hell with him!


Jenn from WA said...

California is soo last year. And I can prove it...all those Californian's that moved now clog OUR freeways. And oh by the way, if you leave CA, please learn how to drive in the RAIN.

Kenneth La Salle said...

What is this "rain" of which you speak....?