Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Heaven Enough - available now!

Heaven Enough

Is a poem about longing, about wishing for something more. "What would it be like if I had heaven enough?" it reads.

Matt Murphy reads these words for the first time at his wife's funeral. After a death shrouded with mystery, it is the first time he learns that she wrote poetry. He and Diva were married for nearly twenty years, yet he did not "know" her. A poet and lover of culinary delights, she is struck by a car and killed instantly—randomly—on the wrong side of town.

When her brother, the "monk," appears for the funeral, Matt is set on an unprecedented course. The two find Diva's computer filled with preparations to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. Over 2600 miles from Mexico to Canada...and she was leaving without her husband.

Matt takes it upon himself to hike the trail and sprinkle her ashes along the way. What happens in the first two hours is dumbfounding.

What happens next changes his life forever…

Heaven Enough is available now for the Kindle and in paperback!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Waking up and leaving the world of dreams behind...

You ever have a dream that feels incredibly vivid, and you meet someone in that dream with whom you form a very close bond? And the whole dream feels like it lasts a long time, such as a weekend? And once the dream ends you marvel at how great your imagination is and this terrific relationship that your imagination created from scratch…

… until you realize you’ll never see that person again.

Maybe it’s all thanks to this imagination I’ve developed as a writer. I don’t know. But this happened as I woke up this morning and now I find I miss that person terribly – and I really hope I’m not alone in this, that it happens to others as well.

Has this ever happened to you?