Monday, June 19, 2006

Cussing and Dating and Cooking and Dad...

This is going to start and end with my dad. Keith La Celle. A guy I've never really gotten along with but with whom I'm glad to have a relationship.

So, I sent out this email last week about Vicky's surgery and mentioned, in passing, that the new book is positively PG rated. I spoke with my dad yesterday and he said he was really glad about it - he might actually get to read one of my books... finally! See, my dad fucking hates cuss words... oops. But that's kind of the point. See, I use them.

After my dad expressed interest in the new book, I thought I'd take a look at it and see how many cuss words it actually has. I'm at 53,000 words now, so it's of significant size. I thought, "I'll just run a search for the word FUCK." I did.

Did I say PG?

Can I change that to R????

Eeeeghads! It's got 27 fucks - and I'm not nearly done with it!

So, I asked Vicky, as we were driving to our date - we celebrated the second anniversary of our first date yesterday - I asked her if I cuss a lot. It was like asking if the sky is fucking blue. Shit.

Anyway, so we went back to the place where we had our first date: Dave & Busters. Vicky wasn't feeling up to shooting pool - her back, ya know? - but we had a nice dinner. Having dinner with your wife is very different from having dinner on a first date and we had fun joking about that. Then, we went off to the arcade. It was nice. I think I'll date her again. But, soon, her back was hurting her. We're both looking forward to getting her up on the rack and getting her tuned up.

Normally, I wouldn't expect anyone else in the world to know about that. I have this sixth sense that both of my readers don't read that often. Well, I was in for a shock when I installed a site counter - thanks to Jenn - and found that we have more than just a couple of readers here. Anyone else in the world? How about in India? Britain? New Jersey? North Carolina? Texas? And (of course) Oregon and Washington? One is tempted to start saying "You like me!"... but I won't.

I say this to mention that I realize now that not everyone reading knows us very well - and I'll try to keep that in mind in the future.

Not only did Jenn provide me with the counter but we're also doing this "recipe exchange" thing. You probably saw the recipe I gave her. Well, the one she posted was a dilly! I really had to search for the ingredients! We don't have mascarpone cheese and marsala wine and crimini mushrooms around here - at least, they're not easy to find. So, after our date, I drove down to Whole Foods. Oh, thank heaven for Whole Foods... or something. I got all the ingredients and I'll be cooking tonight. (The review will be posted tomorrow.)

Vicky got to bed early and I stayed up to wash dished. I really worry about her. All the parents have been very sweet, though. My mom offered to help out. When I called my dad for father's day, he mostly wanted to know how Vicky was doing. And Steve, well, he (Vicky's dad) will be there with me in the hospital while we wait to see how the surgery turned out. Considering the drive he faces (they don't exactly live nearby), I think that's very nice of him.

I'm thinking of printing out what I have of the new book and bringing it to the hospital with me and performing some surgery of my own. How to perform a fuck-ectomy...

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Jenn from WA said...

I had no idea mine was a dilly to you. I thought surely in California you'd have marscapone cheese, or cremini mushrooms. Once you've had cremini (which BTW are baby portebellos) you'll never go back to button mushies.

I can't wait to read the review. I'll be making yours tonight...with Shrimp.