Monday, May 24, 2010

Horray for Hollywood…

Okay, yes, it’s been a while. Would you believe me if I said I got tired of telling you I’m unemployed? Honestly, it just gets old.

So, prepare to go from “unemployed” to “Hollywood” in two seconds.



Last night, Vicky and I took a few friends with us up to Hollywood to see the production of my play, Myth of the Cubicle. It was my first full production so – yes – I was nervous. Actually, I was practically epileptic. But Vicky drove, so we were safe.

Stepping up to the will-call counter, I gave my name to claim my comps. I was really worried they wouldn’t know who the hell I was or that they had misplaced my tickets or something god-awful. I’ve kinda come to expect the god-awful in my life. Vicky says I set the bar so low I dig a trench.

Not only did they have the tickets but the guy at the counter was also the director of my play and he was very happy to meet me. I was happy to meet him, too, but I was also curious why anyone would be happy to meet me.

In we went and took our seats. I had written a romantic (or, at least, I thought it was romantic) thank you to Vicky in the program – but the lights were out so we couldn’t read the program, thus defeating that entirely. But Vicky pulled out her phone and used that as a light source so she could read it. That woman is resourceful!

As for the play… what can I tell you without sounding like an egomaniac? It was fucking awesome. The actors were fantastic and the director really brought the show to life with lots of movement and bits I would never have considered. One of our friends said they didn’t really understand or have the maturity to understand the comedy of the piece – but I think they worked in their own comedy, which is what it’s all about. Bottom line: they made my work look great and I was elated.

After, I met the cast and was showered with admiration – THIS NEVER HAPPENS TO ME!... so I was surprised…

They’re talking about opening it in another theater in a month or two up in LA. It’s unreal and I’m very happy about it.

Sorry for being quiet for so long. I gotta work on that.