Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day... without immigrants...

The complains began this morning at work. "They don't have any right..." "How dare they..."

It's all about the illegal immigrants, actually the people who support the basic human rights of the illegal immigrants. The plan these people have is to take a day off: no working, no shopping, no nothing.

And, as a woman here said, "How dare they..."

How dare they what? Not shop? Hell, I have no money. I must be one of them! Not work? Sign me up! I'd like a day off!

I find it ironic, even comical, that the same people who complain about illegal immigrants would complain about them doing exactly what they want them to do: go away!

Oh, wait. They're also protesting, marching, expressing their point of view. God forbid! We wouldn't want anyone in this land of free speech to actually... um... speak.

I have to work so... consider me spoken.


Jenn from WA said...

I'm with you. I could care less if they worked/shopped or pooped today. What does bother me though is their "belief" that they have rights in the United States. They aren't here legally. But if they choose to go through the process to become American citizens, then I say let them in.

What bothers me the most is their complaints about what they feel are their rights...but wait, they aren't here legally. So how is it that they get "rights", when there are people here in the US who are citizens, and have been, that don't have "rights" per se...(i.e. gay marriages).

I can see both sides of this coin. I understand why they are coming to the US. I do. I get that...but to make it so easy for them, when so many previous immigrants (our grandfathers/mothers, great grandfathers/mothers etc) were immigrants, but they worked at becoming citizens.

And I"m all for them keeping their culture...hell I lived in their culture. I love Mexican culture. So keep it, definitely. BUT...if they are going to live in the US, I believe they should learn to speak English, and I believe this of all immigrants, not just Mexicans. AND, the idea of singing the National Anthem in Spanigh? Please...let us not go that far.

Kenneth La Salle said...

Great points, Jenn.

... but seriously... ensuring the rights of American citizens also seems far down the list of priorities these days... sadly...