Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bad Blogger...

Okay, so I'm a horrible blogger. I know, I know...so here are a couple of things that hopefully will calm the masses.

First, back on Easter Sunday I got the best birthday gift. My wonderful hubby Ken, Trish and Bille all went in together and purchased a Mario Andretti Racing School package for me. I drove an indy style race car for 6 laps. I drove it all by myself (well, I did have to follow an instructor in the car ahead of me)! It was such a great experience. My top speed was about 143 MPH!! If any of you are half the race fan that I am, I highly recommend that you look into this. There is also a Jeff Gordon Racing School. This will be my next racing experience (hint hint). Here are the pics from race day. Trish's husband Clay also drove a car that same day. Oh and I was the only girl racing that day.

Now for today. I'm not in a very good mood today, but I was able to laugh thanks to my friend Trish. She sent me a link to a funny video...enjoy. Turn your sound on, the music is a must.


Kenneth La Salle said...

Hey, who's this chick posting on MY BLOG????

.... oh wait.... (thinking... thinking... thinking...)

Seriously, Vicky was pretty cool as my little racer. And yes, I was the photographer - so you can blame all those blurred thumbs on me!

Jenn from WA said...

Wait...isn't 143 slow compared to what you drive on the CA freeways? I've riden with you...you drive faster than that... = )