Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Granddaddy Postmortem...

I know. This blog is turning into the Unofficial Granddaddy FanClub blog-o-fucking-rama...

Bear with me. Last time I mention Granddaddy... honestly... the check is in the mail...

So, I listened to all of my Granddaddy cds - all five - all the way up to the new one. Then - in case you didn't see this coming - I put in the new one. Just Like the Fambly Cat.

It's not bad. Really. It's not. In fact, there are moments of utter coolness... but those are just moments.

I will tell you that Jason Lyttle seems to have discovered multi-track recording - AND HE LOVES IT! No shit. The whole album is chock-a-block with layers upon layers of harmonious, tag-teaming instruments, and it sounds great. Now, if only he had more compelling songs for the mix. Sadly, while his technique is getting better, the energy of his songwriting suffers.

So, it's not their best. Thankfully, it's not their worst, either. There are moments that are simply chilling, not least of which when he uses the fade-out to ELO's Shangri-La. Amazing.

I still recommend Sumday. That's still my favorite. But to hear Lyttle's evolution from skateboarder to virtue-soto (old SCTV reference for ya), is well worth the price of admission. Granddaddy's missteps are better than most bands when they get it right. (But then, there are a hell of a lot of bands out there...)

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