Thursday, May 11, 2006

Something different...

Last night, I dreamed about David Graham.

Graham, also known as David Osborne, is an actor, like myself. You've probably seen him on a dozen shows, without knowing it. Yep, he works as an extra. He's also an English teacher. I worked with him at Linksys but it wasn't until he starred with me in Everything Changes that I felt a kind of bond. He is an extraordinary actor, perfectly unflappable, completely rooted, but with the power of a hurricane. (It could have been the material, of course...)

Anyway, I dreamed last night that he and his wife moved in across the street. (David wasn't married when I knew him but I think he'd be happy with the girl in the dream, very Jessica Alba-esque.) The dream lasted only a second but I remember shouting to Vicky, "You'll never believe who's moving in across the street!"

"Who?" she asked.

"David Graham!"

"Who's that?"

Ah well.

My mind must have been retrospective after the night I'd had. I went to church - you weren't drinking anything just then, were you? - I went to a Catholic church to watch my mom sing. She is in a classical group called the West Coast Chorale. (Actually, I may have the name wrong because I can't seem to find their website...) I'm really proud of her and they sang beautifully. My mom's not like me when it comes to being in front of people - I crave it/She'd put it off if she could - so that makes me more proud that she's doing this because, like all of our family, she loves to sing. So, anyway, this is just me bragging about my mom.

They were great and I enjoyed it - and then I left early. Now! Now! Stop! I had to, my guts were killing me - due more to a bad bout of reflux than to overexposure to a holy place. So, I snuck out a little early and headed home... but I took a detour...

See, the church is only a few blocks away from my old house, which is currently known as Rosa's house. Now, what I haven't been telling you is that after winning the court case and getting a judgment against her, I'm getting the money back that I loaned her. Her wages are being garnished and I'm rather pleased.

There was just one thing. Getting the money back wasn't enough. I wanted to watch it being taken from her skin.

... okay, so that wasn't going to happen. But just getting the money wasn't enough. I wanted to see her suffer like I had all those years... just a little.

There. I said it.

So, on the way to the church, I gave a drive by just to see if the old house, and Rosa by extension, had crumbled to dust. It hadn't. In fact, it had a new coat of paint and the lawn had been landscaped with beautiful flowers and a picket fence. Everything looked clean and shiny... at least, those things that could shine...

It boggled the mind. She was supposed to be suffering like I had, not thriving!

Now, as much as you might think so, I didn't get angry about this. I kind of said, "Oh well," and continued to the church.

Then, on the way home, something occurred to me. Could that have been a...

And I drove back to Rosa's.

And the yard was bare and the paint was bland and the house seemed to be covered in a layer of dust.

Had it been another hallucination? One of these days, my hallucinations are going to stop and I'm going to miss them. I wish it would get here, I thought.

(Mind you, I could just have been looking at the wrong house...)

I looked away and then looked back.

The place looked pretty much like shit.

As it should.

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