Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Busy Wednesday...

You ever have a time in your life where absolutely nothing happens and, yet, you're far too busy to do anything? Well, that's my world. Welcome to it.

I got an email from my mom today, asking me what's been up, and all I could tell her was, "Nothing... and, yet, I've been inordinately busy." Let's not hope the rest of my life goes like this or they might put on my tombstone, "He was busy... doing... something..." (Good thing I want to be cremated.)

So, what's been in the middle of all this pointless business? (Can I just say that I really hate how "business", as in a place of business, and "business", as in a state of being busy, are spelled the same? Can someone please fix this?)

Vicky's been, well, busy preparing for paralegal exam in July, so I've decided to take over on the sale of With Eyes to See. I've started listing agencies that I can send it to and have run into an interesting problem. Back when I was trying to sell Vampire Society (something I did horribly), there weren't many agencies looking for philosophical fiction, shit that could change your fucking life... not many. With this book, though, there are just GOBS from which to choose. I guess that's because a lot of people read horror; I don't know. So, that's starting up and we'll see how that goes.

Vicky and I are working on getting pregnant but we've been so, well, busy that... um, you get the point.

Love of Your Life is coming along nicely. At 15,000 words, I now understand what it's all about. If No More Blue Roses was about a guy understanding loss, this book is about how we've all lost someone and, yet, all feel isolated in that loss. Nicely, it's also about moving on, which I'm happy to see.

So, people ask how I do that, just sit down and jot down 90-100,000 words in a few months. Barring any consideration of actually selling a book, dog forbid, I figured it out the other night and I can sum it up in one line. "Tell the story." There you go. Three words. If you want to write a book, my advice is just tell the story. Don't worry about if it's good or right - you can fix things later. And, if it really sucks, it's a learning experience. (Talk to me about my first three books, sometime.)

In addition to all this writing, I've decided to keep my eye out for a new job. Now, I'm not saying my new place is any Linksys - not by far. But sometimes you learn that the fit just isn't right and feel like trying for something else. Relationships are like that. So, I'll keep you posted.

I also have a formatting change on this here site, thanks to my favorite blogger, Jenn, which I still need to do... but I've been... you know.

Suki's doing much better since her fall, you'll be happy to hear. Now, Vicky has messed up her back and we need to look after her. I'm next. I'm thinking about driving my car off a high-rise... that might take some planning.

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Jenn from WA said...

You're probably too busy to drive your car off a high rise. It'll have to wait.

Ironically, your opening paragraph is EXACTLY how my life has been in the last few weeks. I feel I'm so busy I want to be home. Then when I'm home I want to be out. There's just no pleasing myself. No wonder I'm still single.

Know any single men who live within 20miles of me and don't drive a camero?

Having the status of "favorite blogger" is quite the pressure. Your "favorite blogger" got to chapter 10 of Vampire Society.