Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mousse... gas... and drug tourism...

I've got to get a few things off my chest.

Zac Moussaoui, alleged terrorist mastermind evil genius puppet of the Neocons, wasn't given the death penalty yesterday but it's amazing to me that it was even considered. Here's a guy who - at most - talked about terrorism. He's guilty of - at most - conspiracy to commit a terrorist act. Even if you buy into the 9/11 lie, all he's supposed to have done is help plan it. Did he get on a plane? Did he fly anyone into a building? No. So, you can't pin him with a murder rap.

But can you believe the mouth on this guy? It's almost as if he wants everyone to think that's how Muslims are and... Hey! Wait a minute! Is it possible that's his plan? Is it possible he works for the Bush crooks, the same bastards who were probably behind 9/11 to begin with? Hey, it's not like we haven't put a puppet on the stand and later sent him up to a tropical resort - cough - maximum security prison to live out the rest of his days now. Hello, Mr. Noriega!

Meanwhile, gas prices are at records highs. They haven't been able to distract you from that. The Repugs say they want to give you a tax cut to help with that. You know, instead of sticking it to the oil companies that are gouging you at the pump. What would a tax cut do? Well, first, you'll have to accept that, like all Republiconartists tax cuts, it'll be for the to 1% who own 99% of the nation's wealth. The net result will be to short-change the treasury and that will force the feds to cut more and more services people rely upon - not the military, though... heaven forbid! So, no more social safety net. No more care for the elderly or the sick. The Repugs have wanted to obliterate the New Deal since Reagan and they're doing a damn good job thanks to most people's naivety.

Did you hear the one about Vicente Fox? The President of Mexico almost passed a change in Mexico's drug policy, making it legal to possess small amounts of pot, coke - even heroin! This freaked out US politicians, afraid of "drug tourism"! I love that: drug tourism. Would there be drug tourism? Shit yes! And, why not? Hell, the only way TJ's making any money at all these days is because of the hookers. Why not open up some coffee shops while they're at it? The mayor of San Diego was terrified at the prospect of his freeways being clogged full of tourists... driving through, not stopping. Now, personally, I couldn't go (see the last One Path) but I don't see anything wrong with it. I'm sure a new TJ Hiatt would open... and a Marriott... and a Westin... and a score of Best Westerns. Hell, who'd wanna go home? The combination of drugs and pussy would make TJ a western Mecca.

And there'd also be a bajillion new Ben & Jerry's, Cinnabon, Mrs. Fields, Micky D's....

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Jenn from WA said...

Gas prices...they suck. Although, what irritates me the most is the profits oil/gas companies are announcing. One of the big wigs of Exxon (I forget his name) was quoted yesterday as saying these profits are important so they can "research" new ways of energy. Um yah, right. As if an oil company is going to find a "new" alternate source of energy that doesn't involve oil. Whatever! Either way,I'm thankful that I am actually able to afford the gas...for a change. But to all the folks out there who really have to struggle it bothers me.

Legal drugs in Mexico? I thought it was already like that? Maybe if they make drugs legal there, their immigrants would immigrate.