Saturday, July 15, 2006

So, what if we legalized ALL drugs...

I was just reading around the Internets and saw something behind a series of articles on drugs. It started with Barry Bonds, who may be facing indictment. I thought it was for steriod usage but it's actually for tax evasion. (If he gets off as easily as Capone, he'll only have syphillis.)

But it got me thinking about steriod use. So what, if they use steriods! Did it improve their performance? Fine. I could care less if all professional sports teams became filled with drug-addled horses. I could give a shit. Who does it hurt? The players? Yeah, well, so does can their diet but we don't make Ben & Jerry's illegal... thank god.

And that got me thinking about other kinds of drugs.

And this is what I'd like to suggest. (Not that it will be worth piss.) Legalize all drugs. All of them. Heroin, crack, acid - everything. The act of ingesting a drug should not be a crime in and off itself.

Now, if that person kills someone - that's a crime. If they rob - that's a crime. A crime is the violation of someone ELSE'S rights - and not their right to decide what YOU do. So, if someone commits a crime while on drugs, then charge them for the crime. Fine.

And, I can hear it already - Using drugs lead you to committing crime. Oh really? Funny. I see plenty of people who aren't stoned committing crimes all the time. Remember Kenny Lay? Tom Delay? George Bush?

... oh, wait. That could explain everything...

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Jenn from WA said...

Now that's an interesting theory. The argument against it, of course, would be how bad drugs are for you and that it causes crime. But you nipped that in the bud. I've heard a couple of times of criminals trying to get off on the crime they committed by saying they were on drugs. I gotta say, if I were on a jury and the criminal said that I'd be like, "And so who put the gun to your head to ingest that drug?"

To me its the same theory on gun control. The "guns don't kill people, people kill people." theory.