Wednesday, July 12, 2006

President Copperfield... or Creutzfeldt ...

And the Amazing Deficit Trick!

(Keep in mind that while they call the Democrats "Tax and Spend", all they do is "Spend Spend Spend"...)

Now, see if you can follow me on this. First, Shrub says the deficit will be $423 billion. Then, he says it's actually only $296 billion! Wow! Much lower! Guess those Republican policies of granting massive tax cuts to the rich and overtaxing the poor and what's left of the middle class and cutting social programs to benefit those Christo-fascist friends of his really really worked! It really has! It's amazing!!!

... You know, except for the fact that the government had a surplus before this bonehead fucked everything up.

So, thanks Shrub. Thanks for running up only the FOURTH largest deficit in history... after you ran up the THIRD... and the SECOND... and the FIRST...

You must be so proud.

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