Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dreams of "me"...

So, I had this dream last night...

My son says to me, "(Someone) and me are going out."

"(Someone) and I," I reply.


"It's (someone) and I," I tell him.

"Why not (someone) and me?"

I explain to him, "Whenever you're in doubt, just remove the part before I or Me. 'Me are going out' sounds stupid. The goal with grammar is
to not sound stupid. Sounding stupid is a bad thing. It makes you appear stupid. In fact, it makes you stupid be default."

Which is when I woke up, thinking, "So don't be such a fucking retard, kid."

Yep, leave it to me to mix dreams of parenthood with a diatribe on grammar...

1 comment:

Jenn from WA said...

The plus side here is if you were dreaming, you were actually sleeping, which means you weren't up not sleeping.