Thursday, July 13, 2006

I read the news today... oh boy...

This started as a result of listening to Ed Schultz during lunch. He kept talking about the middle east as if... is something happening over there?

Of course, there is.

And it's been happening for decades.

As Vicky so astutely pointed out, any war in the middle east is bound to have the born-against smiling, waiting for their rapturous... what do they call that again? Of course, I had to point out that anyone jubilant over the deaths of thousands of people... may be stopped on their way to heaven for some serious cross-examination.

"I didn't kill anyone but I loved it when other people did!"

Yeah... they may have to wait.

So, what has been happening?

As you know, we (known the world over as US) invaded a sovereign nation because, well, the fall line-up on the major networks just weren't too exciting that year or something - and we've been doing a great job of a) killing lots of innocent people, b) creating lots of hate for US and lots of terrorists, and c) misspending just a FUCKLOAD of money. Would any of this make anyone hate US? I'm stumped.

But it appears they do. It might also have something to do with our anal obsession with backing Israel. Now, listen, I have nothing against Israel... you know, as a concept. But they're like the kid on My Bodyguard - you know, the one who can act like a bully because he has an even bigger bully to back him up. We (US) are the bigger bully.

So, Israel goes around killing people and bombing people... and I'm just saying they probably wouldn't be so quick to do it if US weren't here, backing them up every step of the way.

I mean, hell, when Israel started flexing their militaristic imperative this time, bombing the shit out of Palestine and Lebanon - and getting just a pee stream away from Syria. The UN wanted to sanction them. We (US) vetoed it. Why? Because Israel was just defending themselves because one of its soldiers was taken prisoners.

Let's see. On one hand, one guy gets taken prisoner. On the other, a whole lot of people get bombed to shit. Sounds fair.

And, mind you, this is just THIS TIME.

Of course, we (US) can't do too much because we have long lost the moral high-ground. (Committing acts of aggressive war, breaking the Geneva Convention, and crimes against humanity tend to do that.)

So, the whole place is one, big, shitfest. It's like the apartment of your average 20-year old after payday... but with bombs.

Meanwhile, back home, the House is still debating if black people should still be allowed to vote.

Check, please!


Jenn from WA said...

I only have one comment about the people having problems getting into heaven because they killed their view, they will. In our Christian view, they won't. Who's right? Ahhhh...isn't that how the crusades began?

Modern day crusades? Nice. ... I sleep better now. NOT!

Can't we all just be nice and get along?

Kenneth La Salle said...

Captain Obvious says, "Obviously not."