Monday, July 03, 2006

Global Warming: It's not happening and look at all the benefits it brings!...

I hope you'll pardon the sarcasm but today's article on Yahoo made me want to wretch.

Global warming is a serious threat facing everyone on the planet and it's an insult to all those being adversely affected by it (ie. humanity) deny it, which politicians and the corporate media like to do, or to play like it is somehow a good thing.

One day, history is going to look back at us and our time, our waste and selfishness, and portray those of our generation as a pile of puke.


SAfrican said...

Cool! Oh sorry - HOT! Global waarming - the rich people do not give a sh*t, the middle claas struggles to survivwe and the lower classes hope they will be there to feel the global warming - it is too far away, nobody cares and the developed world is just pushing massive amount of polution into the stratosphere like there is no tomorrow - nobody cares, actually.

Jenn from WA said...

Global warming doesn't exist. Its a story made up by environmentalists to scare us into doing something. Its a crock.

Okay, yah, I almost got that out without laughing.

I am a new comer to this theory of global warming. It was something I knew "existed" but didn't really want to look at. You know what I mean? But now, after reading about it and watching Al's movie, I'm increasingly amazed, and stunned, at the stupidity of people. Couldn't they, instead of focusing their energies on new crops for the new temp, instead focus their energies on, oh I don't know, HELPING stop this global warming? Bastards!