Thursday, July 06, 2006

A few other things this morning... leads off this morning by asking if seven is too young to have a credit card.

At what point did it become fashionable to ask stupid questions?

When I was a kid, you were told, "Don't ask such stupid questions." Then, as a young man, I heard, "There are no stupid questions." Somewhere during my adulthood, the chant changed to "Stupid questions? Bring 'em on!"

So, I was driving to work today and saw posters for a benefit concert in Silverado Canyon. The concert is to help preserve the last bits of open space in Orange County (the last few feet) and will be held on July 15th. I know there aren't too many readers down here in "the OC" but I thought I'd provide a link for you.

Now, if I can get Vicky to stop hating me by then...

So, I'm driving to work today and I notice several cars with the phrase "GO FRANCE" plastered onto their sides, backs, etc.

I nearly drove off a cliff... if I could find one.

Am I losing my mind or is the United States just losing its focus? Wasn't France just the enemy? Just a few minutes ago? Weren't we just selling "Freedom Fries" and "Freedom Toast" on Capitol Hill and scorning the French for their so-called sympathy for the terrorists? (I swear we were but the Internets appear to be expunged of such information.)

So, now France is out friend and... why? Because they won a soccer match. Well, hell folks. If we're going determine our allies by soccer match, we better get ready for a lot of middle-eastern countries. They play soccer, you know.

Or, perhaps, we should just admit how foolish we've been. And, while we're at it, stop giving seven year-olds credit cards.

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