Friday, September 07, 2007

This is what happens when you don’t write…

It was a slow day today… very slow… my boss was out sick, everything was on someone else’s plate… slow…

Previously, I used to write when things were slow… but, thanks to an ill-advised semester at CSF and a certain promise… well, I didn’t.

Instead, I surfed.

The web, I mean.

And it looked like nobody else was working, either. Even Osama’s tape was last year’s news. Don’t you like how Shrub’s people distribute a new tape of their guy berating the Democrats for not solving the problem… I could only stand so much hypocrisy and just plain fucking evil… so I moved on.

Did you know that the Wiki has entries about both The Venture Brothers and Drawn Together? And it’s not just one entry! It’s loads! Did you know they have all the hidden trivia in each show documented – seriously! Somebody has gone through all of these shows and seriously documented every piece of trivia, every in-joke, every subtle reference… now, I gotta say, I admire and fear these people. I mean, hot damn!

So, that’s pretty much how I spent my day, reading about Bowie references in The Venture Brothers and Yiddish slang in Drawn Together…

Kill me.

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