Thursday, September 06, 2007

Remember Noriega?...

That’s not a battle cry – I still have cause to chuckle over those “Remember 9/11” bumper stickers I used to see, when it was clearly being remembered for all the wrong reasons – but, rather, a question.

Does anyone really remember Noriega?

Here’s a quick primer. We put him in power so he could manage some of the drug trade for the CIA. When he tried to skim too much money off the top, we went in and removed him from power, and put him up in a resort in Florida.

We called it “prison”.

Well, now Noriega is conveniently being released from prison at about the same time the Panamanians are asking for his dried-out, old skin. What do to with daddy’s favorite drug runner? Send him on vacation to France, of course. Yes, there are perks to breaking the law and committing atrocities the old fashioned way.

Remember, if you smoke a joint, you go to “Ass-raping prison”.

If you help kill a generation of the poor and disenfranchised with cheap, CIA heroin, you go to France.

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