Sunday, September 09, 2007

Green butts…

Sometimes these things come from strange places… like Target.

Vicky and I were there the other day buying some Method dryer sheets (we like their whole line of products and anticipate their corporate endorsement soon… or a check; we’re easy). What that generally means is we walked aimlessly looking at things we’d like to buy.

Passing the baby poop receptacles… um, diapers, we found something Naty. No, I don’t mean something smart or neat… actually, wait, I do mean that.

Naty products are smart and neat, if they work as well as they claim. Disposable diapers and baby products that keep the convenience while also being less harmful to the environment. Well… not bad!

So, there’s your green babiness for the day. Something smart and neat and not nearly as poisonous as other diapers.

This green baby thing is really coming together!

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