Friday, September 21, 2007

Early Anniversary…

Every time it comes around, every year, I get a bit anxious. I guess, in my mind, wedding anniversaries are not so much holidays as ticks off the clock, counting down to…

Well, you either get divorced or die. Marriages never end pretty.

So, you enjoy them while you can. On this particular September 21, I am thinking of the forthcoming anniversary (which, admittedly, won’t be until Monday) and wondering how I spent these days in the years before.

It just so happens that, three years ago, this was the start of my fourth month with Vicky. Not ones to hesitate, we’d already moved in together. Yep, I’d proposed and everything. Just a few months after we met, I knew what was coming... which is to say “marriage”. (Perverts.)

In 2005, it was my last day at work. I spent most of it just talking to Becky, shooting the breeze… and, of course, surfing the web. I’d finished all the work on my desk and I was ready to go. The next day, we’d have the rehearsal dinner at The Hacienda and things would start to happen. But I spent that Wednesday smoking outside with the guys as each of them – Chappy, Andreas, and others – told me how crazy they thought I was.

Last year – now that was a dilly. Megan’s memorial service was on our anniversary and Sean waited until this close to let me know my ex-wife would be there. Oh… joy. Vicky doubted Rosa would make it but it turned out she did… dammit.

Sean and I got an early start on this day, last year, taking our regular (“regular” for a guy with no job and a friend with lots of free time who will pay) breakfast at Keno’s (think of the greasiest spoon imaginable) and then heading to Marie’s. Marie is Vicky’s jeweler… yes, she has her own jeweler… yes, I know how much trouble I’m in. We went there to pick up Vicky’s anniversary gift, which Vicky had originally seen at Tiffany’s but Marie was able to have made much cheaper – er, I mean, less expensive!

I’ve already arranged for this year’s gift and Vicky will be getting it a day early, thanks to our anniversary falling inconveniently on a Monday. So, Sunday morning, we’ll return to The Hacienda for Sunday Brunch and I’ll give her a

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