Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Class paper - 1 of 10...

I just sat with my instructor as he graded my first paper in the class I'm taking in college. This is a Junior-level class, mind you. I expected that he'd want me to write at a certain level.

I got a C.


Because I didn't start my paper with the thesis statement. (I had closed with mine.) Because my paragraphs did not all start with my topic sentences. (Mine were often at the end or middle.) Because I didn't use transitional phrases such as "for example" and "in the example that follows". (I had used other phrases, instead.)

Yep. I will need to write at a certain level.

At 6th grade level!

But now I know what to anticipate and how he wants me to write... I just can't help wonder how he ended up teaching in college.

Before he finished, he said, "I really like what you had to say, but you didn't say it the way I wanted you to." Ah, the university - home of learning.

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