Thursday, September 06, 2007

Pimpin’ a Green Crib…

This started at Target. And I realized, last night, that I probably didn’t get off on the right foot.

Listen, I’m going to say this and many of you will agree but that doesn’t mean you need to comment… I can be a dick.

Shut up.

I probably shouldn’t have laid down the law the way I did while Vicky was getting all excited about having a baby; it totally stifled her fantasizing about the experience. I just shut her down and ruined her good time and made her think we’d have nothing but hemp clothes and bamboo furniture and peyote nooks. (Well, the peyote nooks sound nice…) And I kind of fucked things up – which is probably why she was such a bitch on Tuesday but we won’t get into that.

Once I was able to show Vicky that it wouldn’t be all sacrifice and no reward, she started to get into it, too. I was glad, too, because I want us to have fun with this. Having a green baby shouldn’t make the experience miserable. On the contrary, it should make the whole thing more fulfilling!

So, Vicky started finding her own websites and retailers that could make things fun and, as promised, I present these to you now.

The first on the list is consignment shops, re-retailers – you know, getting things cheap so new stuff doesn’t have to be manufactured and shipped – the win-win! The first is Children’s Orchard, and these are all over the place! The Mommie Store is another link she passed along. They don’t appear to sell as much furniture but they’re filled with all sorts of useful things, new and used! (Oh, and there’s only one of these… in Norco… sadly…) But consignment shops are everywhere and many of them specialize in baby stuff, it just takes a little research.

Next on the list is the new stuff, new furniture. Vicky gave me a ton of these, some good, some better. Young America is a line that is made in the US and environmentally aware. Child Craft may be made in the US (it depends) but they don't appear to be as environmentally aware. Then, there’s Sorelle and Dutailier , made mostly in the US but with no real commitment to the environment. (That said, I luvs me Dutailier’s glider…) El Greco has some very nice stuff and so does Muniré, both made in the US. She even gave me some online retailers, Dreamtime Baby and Lullaby Baby.

What I really wanted, though, was something more environmentally friendly for comparison. So, I decided to throw a few of those in here as well. I have to admit, I’m stealing these from Great Green Baby – but, hey, it’s a good site! First, Vivavi… it ain’t cheap but it’s good, clean, and guilt-free! And my final contribution is Lilipad Studio. I know it’s expensive but I love this stuff – I love this stuff – I love this stuff!!!! It’s all amazing and unique and – again – guilt-free!

Now, odds are, we’re not going to buying stuff online if we don’t have to. Vicky and I are tactile people so we’ll want to interact with whatever we choose. But it’s fun to look and see things you like. And I know I should have let Vicky do that; I was wrong.

I’m just glad we’re getting closer and closer to the same page and having fun doing it.

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