Friday, September 21, 2007

Senate Betray-Us...

I just want to see if I got this straight.

The Repugnicons swift-boated Kerry with lies about his record. They destroyed the career of Max Cleland, a war hero who lost his limbs defending this country. At no time did they acknowledge that what they did was wrong or apologize for their repugnant behavior.

Yet, now that Move-On has spoken the truth about Petraeus, the Repugs have gotten together with the spineless Dems to condemn the truth. Good job, Dems. You can't stop the war but you can certainly stop the truth. All the ad said was what we know: Petraeus lied to the people as commanded by Bush. End of story.

So… lies that ruin peoples lives are okay. The truth, on the other hand, is to be condemned.

I know. I know. Why should this surprise me?

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