Thursday, September 06, 2007

People who keep me awake…

So, I’m heading into work this morning… I’m driving in the fast lane and there’s a wall to my left. From the lane to my right, the guy beside me decides he wants to change lanes –

– and does, right into me!

I only have a second to slam on my brakes and my horn and veer as fucking close to the wall as possible.

Oddly, he ends up in front of me. I’m trying to catch my breath and hoping I didn’t just crap my pants… and then, this guy decides he wants to stop. He’s doing nearly 80 and he decides to stop.

And he does! He slams on his brakes, which makes me have to do the same. My whole body is clenched up behind the wheel, hoping my brakes hold out… and then, he decides to go again.

A few exits later, he decides he has to get over to the to the far right lane right away – and he veers directly into traffic, causing horns to sound and brakes to screech, I’m just thankful he’s gone.

And I am wide awake!

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