Monday, March 13, 2006

Writing on...

The writer, having writ, writes on - Anonymous

Yeah, but it gets annoying - Mrs. Mous

Well, I'm sorry but that's how it works - Anonymous

Don't take that tone with me - Mrs. Mous

Watch it, bitch, or you'll catch one upside the head - Anonymous

Oh yeah? Well, I FAKED all those orgasms! - Mrs. Mous

Formal divorce proceedings with begin, er, proceed... um... proceedingly...

Where was I?

When I started writing plays, I told Tim Clostio that it didn't mean I'd give up writing novels. And it's a good thing I said that because, in the last year, I've written FOUR!

Let me give you some idea of how unusual that is. In 17 years, from the time I started my first novel (1983) to when I hung up my hat (2000), I completed seven novels. That's about one novel every two and a half years. These last four were each done in about three months.

Honestly, I should take a break.

The only problem with that is that I have three ideas pounding on my skull - they want out.

First, there's the horror novel, which I'm calling Wormfood. It's based around the idea of people getting worm infections that turn them into zombies. It's not that far-fetched; people actually can get worm infections. This weekend, though, Clostio showed me the trailer for a new movie called Slither, which I have to admit does have some similarities. Still, it is compelling...

Then, I want to start the "Handbook for Life" book. I want it ready for our first-born. It's an idea that isn't out there, a collection of answers to the philosophical questions that we face in life: Why do we share? When is it right to fight? Ect.

Oddly, though, the one that's hitting me the hardest is a book written in first-person... and I don't even know what that one's about, really. But my head wants me to write it... whatever it is...

Any thoughts?

I'm thinking I'll probably be able to hold off on starting anything until after we get back from Hawaii, which is in a couple of weeks. (Don't worry. You'll hear all about it!) Those of you who asked for No More Blue Roses should see it in about a week. I can't wait to hear some feedback on that.

And, of course, Vicky and I will be working on selling both With Eyes to See and No More Blue Roses shortly.

So, that's where this Writer stands... fidgeting...

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