Thursday, March 16, 2006

Big Blog Day #2: Today's Question...

Last night, I went upstairs and I saw that the bed in the guest bedroom had its blankets pulled back, just as you would if you were about to get in. I said to Vicky, "Are you planning on sleeping in the guest bedroom tonight?"


"Well, it looks like you are."

Then, she said to me, "Oh, the dog did that." And she was completely serious. I kid you not!

Did I believe her? Of course, not! Even if the dog did do it, I had to doubt her just on principle!

... mind you, she didn't think that was very funny.

So, I have to ask: If you saw the blankets pulled back on the bed and someone said the dog did it, wouldn't you be skeptical?

NOTE: Vicky doesn't see what's so funny about this and maybe I just have a twisted sense of humor. Either way, try to make your comments funny - she needs to get a laugh out of this.

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Jenn from WA said...

I think if I were you Ken, I'd be more concerned about it if you didn't have a dog. Imagine you wife saying that and you all not having a dog...then be skeptical! The more important question I had is what were you going to do if she (or you I suppose) were going to sleep in the spare bed?