Friday, March 31, 2006

Immigration Nation...

Some of you may have heard the latest ruckus about immigration. Some politicians want to round up all the illegal aliens in the country, some odd 11 million of them. Others are trying to put forth an "amnesty" package that makes residency as unlikely as sprouting a third head. One way or another, the folks in the White House and Congress (along with the odd governor, etc.) want you to think this is THE issue.

It's no coincidence that the '06 elections are coming.

Honestly, if you were a Republican, would you want the WAR to be the issue in the coming election?

So, I figured it was about time I chimed in on the whole thing. Why not? My blog, right?

I think the key word here is "PRIORITY"... which is to say this is not one. Isn't the war more important? Isn't the deficit more important? Isn't getting that crook out of the oval office more important?

Some will say it's not. But to put this in some perspective, let's keep in mind that "illegals" cost the country far less money than this war has. They cost far less money than corporate welfare. They hurt our country far less than Shrub breaking the law whenever he chooses.

If this country was a train wreck... oh wait, it is... I'd say we should take care of all the wounded, the bleeding, the dying before we worry ourselves over the busted headlight.

But that's just me.

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