Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Standing up and saying wrong is wrong...

I'm a skeptic. I think we're all pretty clear on that. A skeptic can be defined as someone who once had hope and had it taken from them. This is not to be confused with a cynic, by the way, which is basically the same person who doesn't care.

So, when I say the political climate in America is hopeless, a cynic would use that climate to fill his bank account. See the difference?

The reason I find the political climate so hopeless is because of the levels of - call it corruption, call it incompetence - I'll call it fuckupedness.

We have a president with downright enmity towards the American people, who busts our surplus, gives it away to the rich, starts illegal wars, feels it's his right to break the law by spying on Americans without a warrant he would legally be allowed to get AFTER the fact, etc. etc. etc.

Under that we have his evil henchmen.

Under that we have the Republicans.

Under that we have the Democrats.

Under that we have the corporate owners.

Levels on levels. It would take several lifetimes to peacefully fix all these levels - the fast way you don't want. How can one person stand up against it? It's insurmountable.

But then, look at the times when things have changed. The only times things have changed is when one person takes a stand. That one person gathers others by their example. Soon, it's not one person standing up, but many, and they cannot be denied.

Maybe that's one way things can change.

Here are the facts. The FISA court, which has changed for Shrub five times since he took office, allows Shrub and his cronies to wiretap anyone, so long as they notify the court within 72 hours. Again, he can wiretap anyone. All he has to do is tell them within three days. But Shrub doesn't want to do this. He believes he's above the law so he doesn't notify the court and he breaks the law. Even when things are made this easy for his - he refuses to obey the law.

So, last night, I signed this petition. I signed it because it's a petition to censure Shrub for breaking the law. I don't think it'll do any good. I don’t thing anyone will notice. I'm sure the Republicans, who are towing the party line and lying for their leader, will win. But there does come a point where it's important for an individual to say, just so he can maintain his own integrity, just to keep from being an cynic for another minute, that wrong is wrong. Breaking the law is wrong. Wiretapping without a warrant is wrong and Shrub should be censured. Will he be? Of course, not. The Republicans are in charge and they will not do what's right. If you don't believe me, look at our war and the prisoners who are "renditioned" off for torture and those getting rich off stolen money and... Listen, if you don't believe me, you won't. That's it. The evil that's been done is too obvious...

But if you want to do what's right, if you want to stand up and say that wrong is wrong, even though it probably doesn't mean that anything will come of it, if you don't believe the President should be allowed to break the law without one person - you - standing up and telling him that he's wrong, at the very least, then here. Sign this petition. It'll do you good.

And, you never know what else...

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