Thursday, March 16, 2006

Big Blog Day #1: Something I can't do...

Welcome to "Big Blog Day"... and let's see if that happens. I'm hoping to put up several entries today. Vicky says I'd probably get more comments if I wrote less, like she does, but I'm a writer and sometimes I just need to talk, which brings us to here.

Something I can't do? See, I was at the gym this morning and I saw something on TV and I thought, "You know, I never could do that."

There are plenty of things I can do and I do them well. For instance, I have a great sense of direction. I used to love taking long drives on surface streets for hours and hours and then work my way home. I thought that was fun because I knew, no matter where I was, I could find my way home. It was cool. The same thing happens when I go hiking.

I also know I can kiss. Between my marriages, I had the opportunity to kiss quite a few women, and I found out over and over that I was doing a pretty good job. It's nice to know I'm a good kisser because I'm pretty much done finding new women to kiss. Now, I've got my kisser for a lifetime - that's Vicky. She doesn't like to kiss as often as I do but I know she likes it, and that's a nice feeling.

Things I can't do? Well, I'm no athlete - we've established that, I think. And I can't dance to save my life.

The thing on my mind this morning is that I can't estimate distances. Some people can do that. They say, "Oh, that's 40 yards" or "that tree's 70 feet tall". I look at the same thing and say "that's 100 yards" or "that tree's about 20 feet tall". I just have no fucking clue.

I don't know if my brain has become so specialized over the years or what the deal is but I have to admit, I envy people who can perform this very simple task of estimating distances. Tim Murphy's pretty good at this. I remember driving up to his place and hearing him say on the phone, "Drive a couple hundred yards and turn right." I knew I'd be hopelessly lost - not that I told him that. Hey, I might suck but I'm not going to tell you, you know!

... except for now, right?

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