Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pre-Valentine Mushiness…

(Warning to diabetics: Stay Away!)

I mentioned our Sunday breakfast over on My Side but there’s something I left out.

Sunday morning, Vicky and I went over to Polly’s for breakfast. It’s become our new place for breakfast. I LUV their cinnamon rolls!

(I just looked at their website and they are SO So-Cal-centric, it’s not funny… so stop laughing…)

The wait to get a table was a monstrous 15-20 minutes. We waited. We sat outside on a little brick wall, in the morning sunshine, and held hands.

This is what it’s all about, folks. Sure, the bad times show if your relationship can stand being tested – but, fuck that! We’ve been tested! But you take those common moments, those bland, beige, every day moments – those are the moments that fill about 70% of your life! And to sit there, with a little warmth, with the woman you love, and just hold her hand… you just feel so grateful that through some accident or miracle or whatever you want to call it, you get to be there, in that place. It’s amazing.

Those are the moments I really love about being with Vicky. Granted, we don’t get nearly as many as I’d like – but that’s what life is about, enjoying the moments you get because you know there may not be a whole lot more, knowing that this moment and the touch of her hand is the miracle of life and appreciating it.

Okay, so then we went in and I ordered one of those huge cinnamon roles with a cream cheese glaze and we got a side of the regular glaze, the sugary kind, and we totally drenched the son of a bitch and ate it up! (I warned you diabetics, didn’t I?)

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