Thursday, February 14, 2008

File this under 4V…

If I tell you today is a special day, will you promise not to assume that it’s just because it’s Valentine’s Day? Oh, sure. It is Valentine’s Day. But that’s not it. There’s more.

This is my fourth Valentine’s Day with Vicky and that makes it special. Seriously. On our first, we were just dating, newly engaged. On our second, we were newlyweds. On our third, we were the struggling couple. The thing that makes today so special is that it’s not special. There’s no big reason to celebrate it, no landmark occasion, and that’s what makes it so important to me.

Vicky and I are now, officially, an old, married couple. (I help satisfy the “old” requirement.) This is when people become complacent and take for granted what a blessing their lives have become.

And what makes this a special day is the fact that we have not.

Granted, I can only speak for myself – Vicky could speak for herself but do you seriously expect her to write? Come on! – but I cherish every day I have with Vicky. I look forward to seeing her when she gets home and going to bed with her at night, even when she’s “too tired.” Emails I get from her lift my day and when I’m having a bad day at work, I look at her picture and feel better. Vicky, in short, is wonderful.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart.

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Jenn from WA said...

Wow...I almost read that whole thing without gagging. = )