Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Skin Hunger…

I was losing it at work today – too much going on and nothing to do. This happens. I’ve assigned all of my work out and have nothing to do but wait. I’d already done some writing. I’d hit my major websites. Nothing left but… the void…

Or random surfing.

I found this term, skin hunger. It refers to the essential need we all have to be touched and to touch others. Studies have shown a lack of touch can affect your health horribly - there's a reason puppies and kittens are so nice! There’s something we never talk about; in a society obsessed with sex (substituted with violence), how many of us are deprived of intimacy, even afraid of intimacy? Again, this isn’t sex. It’s just touch.

Vicky and I did a lot of touching last night. (Now, now.) We went to Central Bark, our favorite dog park, with Suki. And we met Jeff there, with Svaha – who I can only describe as his surrogate pet. There was lots of chatting and watching the pooches play. But there was also that intimacy of letting someone within your personal space, physically and otherwise. Just hanging out with someone you like can be so nourishing.

Then, after Vicky and I got to be – and Suki passed out – she needed me for my warmth. I have a steadily high body temperature – you know, hot blooded Frenchman. And she cuddled up to me and we shared a few moments of just skin on skin. Nothing sexual. Just being. And it’s like having your back scratched; it ends far too soon.

We Americans live in such a repressed society. You’ll find others kissing and hugging; so many of us don’t even make eye contact. But it’s hard to deny that it’s a basic need.

Tonight, Vicky and I are going to hit Rubio’s for $1 Taco Tuesday! After writing this, I’m probably going to be all over her.

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