Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fighting loudly in front of a park…

There’s this something I want to mention from last night – and I’m not sure where I’m going with this (but when am I ever?).

I can’t recall if this happened when we first arrived at the dog park or when we were leaving, but I caught sight of this couple out there, out in front of the park, fighting loudly. They weren’t hitting each other, mind you. In fact, there was no physical contact. But there they were, like yapping dogs, both of them in their twenties, both ignorant (at least for the moment) of how temporary this all is…

See, I used to be that guy. The first few years of my relationship with Rosa – God, too many years – I would fight about anything, anywhere, for any reason. Hell, I didn’t need a reason. I had no idea how little time with her I’d have or how the fighting would temper the relationship, beating it thin like a sheet of foil.

And I guess I just want to say: Before you fight, think for a minute. Is it that important? Because you’re only going to know that person for a very short time. You think a decade is long? You think twenty years is an eternity? You’re so fucking wrong, it ain’t funny. Cherish every single moment – you don’t get that many.

That’s what I wanted to tell these kids.

I didn’t.

I wish I had.

Vicky and I fight sometimes. Every time we do, all I can see are missed opportunities and precious minutes ticking by. I hope I fight less now than before. I hope I find forgiveness easier, both to give and to seek.

Because life is far shorter than we realize and there’s no reason to fight in front of a park.

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