Thursday, November 01, 2007

The End of the Inclusiveness…

When I told Vicky that we were through with All-Inclusive Resorts, I think my verdict came in a little early for her.

I don’t often lay down the law in my house – anyone who has met Vicky can understand why – but this time I had to.

“No more All Inclusive for us!” I said. “We’re done.”

“Except if we go back to the Bahamas,” she noted. This was her fall-back, compromise, reasonable response.

Screw that. “Nope. No more.”

Here’s the thing. We went down to the RIU in Cabo for six days of All-Inclusive decadence… and it turned out to be a total waste. The best meal we had was off the resort! Besides that, the idea of All-Inclusive just isn’t us any more. AI works great if all you plan to do is eat, drink, smoke, eat, smoke, drink, and smoke… what? I like to smoke. Oh well. The thing is, that’s just not us any more.

I am very happy to say that! That is not us any more!

Even when we ate at the resort, we didn’t gorge ourselves. We ate reasonable meals, and they probably would have been tastier off the resort. We didn’t drink a lot, either. The fact is, AI has become a waste of our time and money.

When we went to Hawaii, we had a great time doing a non-AI vacation. We went to all sorts of different places. Our favorite restaurant was an Asian-Italian Fusion place we never would have experienced at an AI resort.

So, that’s it. We’re done.

Could it be we’re getting healthier? Could it be we’re getting back in the groove of being the people we want to be. Let’s hope so!

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Jenn from WA said...

Can I say I told you so when your next vacation comes up and vicky books an All inclusive? She is, afterall, master of your house.