Saturday, July 21, 2007

The road to happiness is littered with random…

I can’t claim this one. I found this on Nickerblog, through Wil Weaton’s awesome blogification (see right).

So, why not try some randomness in our lives? We never know where it might lead. Writer Shane Nickerson lists a few I wouldn’t have necessarily thought of:

1. Learn early on to enjoy warm soda. Trust me, it comes in handy. While you're at it, learn to drink black coffee.
8. Combine all of your e-mail addresses.
28. Don't be too afraid of "street meat."

While there are some here that should never be overlooked:

2. Let go of your need to make all the choices all of the time. Other people have better ones sometimes.
4. Avoid trends. Go for timeless fashion.
10. Love what you love. Don't trick yourself or others.

11. Cut out people that bum you out.

And a couple that just freak me the fuck out:

15. Learn to play D&D. If you're already laughing this one off, learn it immediately.
15. Learn to play D&D. If you're already laughing this one off, learn it immediately.

Okay, so they’re the same one but HELL! Hey, Tim, how were we to know all those years ago?!

I like how the list, and the lists others submitted, aren’t necessarily your traditional advice. I might not agree with everyone on their lists but I agree with the spirit of finding happiness in randomness. I mean “Love much, Laugh Often, Dance like Ken listening to trance in his car” can only take you so far, you know?

My own entries would be brief this morning (I gotta get out of here and get my car into the shop):

1. Vicky’s pancakes. Never miss an opportunity because you never know when she’ll make them again.
2. Vicky’s smile.
3. Um… Vicky. (That’s obvious, isn’t it?)
4. Daydream.
5. Otter pops.

6.IM your wife when she’s upstairs.

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Jenn from WA said...

If I were to IM my wife while she was upstairs two things would bother me:
1) I have a wife.
2) I have an upstairs.