Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Not that I really think about this…

There’s a girl here at work… woman, actually. I don’t know why I still use that work to refer to people my age. I should start saying “old hag”. Anyway…

There’s this woman here at work who laughs at every joke I make. Every quip. Every pun. She’s my perfect audience.

I gotta say, it ain’t bad.

Those who know us know well that Vicky is famous for NOT laughing at my jokes. It was even in my vows, “Do you promise to… even though she’ll never ever laugh at any of your jokes.” It’s true. She doesn’t.

And I have begun to realize that, were I to have an affair, I know what it would be. I’d find a woman who laughed at all my jokes and I’d just spent hours making witty comments. That’s what I need, an audience.

Fortunately, if I ever do want to have an affair, I’ll just need to get back on stage in a comedy. Then, I’ll have my audience. With school starting in about a month, that won’t happen for a while but, when it does, watch out. I’ll be fucking hilarious!

(Now, the irony of this post in comparison to some recent - and soon to come - does not escape me. But, honestly, I'm a very funny guy.)

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