Friday, July 20, 2007

Now I know why I never buy anything…

After writing that last entry, I decided I should buy something for myself. Dag nabbit, I was charged up, too! The only question was, what to buy?

…. What to buy….

It took a while.

Then, it occurred to me that I could stand to invest in some new neckties. I wear a necktie everyday; why shouldn’t they be nice ones? I only have two ties I purchased this century, after all!

So, I was off! Now, the reason I hadn’t bought any ties recently was because of how extremely wide neckties have become. As American men get fatter, their ties have more acreage to cover. Neckties, these days, run 3.75 – all the way up to 4 inches in width. But I like a slightly narrower tie. I think it makes a cleaner line. (No, I’m not talking 1980’s thin.) And I found some ties I liked, too. Hugo Boss sells some nice ties that are only three and a half inches across. That sounded good to me.

In fact, I was ready to call Vicky and suggest we hit the Hugo Boss store at South Coast Plaza…

… until I read up on the company.

Why do I always do this? Why must I make things so difficult? I go out of my way not to buy things made in China (ask Vicky to tell you about my sandals), we buy green, we try to buy local (saves on shipping), I’ve even stopped buying cds since downloading uses fewer resources – must my tie purchases be so difficult, too???

But, I couldn’t avoid it. There it was.

Hugo Boss was the outfitter to the Nazis. They made all of the uniforms for the SS. I’d be wearing clothes kept in business by genocide.

And I couldn’t. Hey, I gotta live with myself, right? Even if I don’t look great.

So, I’ll keep an eye out. You never know. There’s bound to be some local shop nearby that makes green clothing with a terrific line of ties… maybe…

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