Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Lest we not learn from history

It is I, the silent half of One Path. Usually this is Ken’s arena for denouncing the actions of Shrub, but now it is my turn.

I’m not as far left as Ken. I’ve always thought of myself as a middle of the road type of gal. Yet, the more I see other middle of the road types just stand-by and not do anything, or say anything, about the current lack of integrity in our country’s leadership, the more left I lean.

Tonight, Ken and I watched
Keith Olbermann’s special comment on Shrub’s commutation of Scooter Libby (sounds like a name for dog food).

I am left dumbfounded and amazed that my fellow citizens aren’t demanding impeachment. When President Clinton received oral sex (an issue of fidelity, not national security) many of you demanded his resignation. Yet, Shrub can commit criminal acts and you don’t care. His administration revealed a covert CIA agent, one that was assigned to locate WMDs (you remember those, right?), and once revealed put many lives in possible danger, putting our nation’s security at risk. And yet, this is not enough to get you to take action.

Now he has essentially granted a pardon to Scooter (dog food) Libby, even after promising at the beginning of the investigation that anyone found to have assisted in the outing of this CIA agent would be dismissed from his administration and be brought to justice. He lied to you, and you still don’t care that he has completely disregarded our Constitution (you remember that little document, don’t you?) and has decided that he alone (with help from Darth Cheney) is the judge and jury.

He doesn’t care about what is good of our country, our nation, our people…only for what best serves him and his people (the elitist, ultra rich, extreme right wing people). He is not a good ol’ boy from Texas…he is a criminal and the worst type of person out there, one that will walk on the backs of the rest of us just so his chosen few can have everything they want.

Do you care?

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Adriane said...

Ack! I am largely a-political (partly because I have no weight to throw around in this country as a non-citizen, and partly because the whole political process has to varying degrees a sameness to it, falling miserably short of any effective action), but I must say that when the American politicos are ready to lynch a guy for getting a blowjob in the oval office (perhaps risking his personal life) while another risks an entire nation's safety without suffering any adverse consequences, I would think it's time to hit the re-set button.