Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mind Fuck…

Readership on the old One Path has been slightly down of late so I’ve decided the thing we need to help boost our ratings is:

GIRLS GONE WILD-ISH (not to tread on any prurient if profitable copyrights)

That’s right! It’s GIRLS GONE WILD-ISH!

Vicky! Quick! Take off your top! It’s GIRLS GONE WILD-ISH! That’s…

… what do you mean, you won’t?

Just one?

Just a nipple?

…… dammit.

Well, how the hell else are we to compete? I mean, seriously, I was reading what passes for the news this morning and I saw this headline “British divorcee weds Bin Laden’s son”.

Ignore for a minute that Shrub went after Saddam’s family… though he didn’t do anything to us.

Ignore for a minute that Bin Laden was probably never a mastermind at anything.

Ignore for a minute that we’re still supposed to be at war with, at least, people who we are told by “very reliable sources” are terrorists.

Can’t we agree that the marriage between two people of zero consequence (ignoring for a minute that Bin Laden’s son is immensely wealthy thanks to the Republican party’s history of doing business with unsavory characters) does not make news and is not worth reading? I mean, if everything is just gossip, if nothing has worth, I’m just going to start posting pictures of tits. That’s it. Because nothing else seems to be of value.

… and I like tits…

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