Thursday, July 19, 2007

Car in a trance…

Vicky hates trance.

You know – trance? Techno? Does anyone remember?

One of my guilty pleasures is trance. I don’t own a lot of discs; I’m trying to keep Vicky’s vomiting to a minimum. (Anyway, I think my recent love affair with KT Tunstall ruined any chance of that.) (She makes music?)

So, I’m in my car last night, driving home from work, and I pop in a trance cd. The windows are thudding and the rear-view mirror is vibrating like a glass of water in Jurassic Park. The best thing about trance is it really gets me going – makes me want to move!

And then, traffic stopped.

And I experienced the most frustrating thing: listening to trance while you’re caught in a traffic jam.

… sad, really…

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