Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Blue, White, and Pinko…

So, this is how we spent our Independence Day.

… by the way, I really hate how people these days have forgotten the name of the holiday, that they call it “July 4th”. “Happy, July 4th!” they say. If we can’t get them to remember the name, how can we get them to remember the meaning?

Anyway, Vicky woke up late this morning. She slept in. She slept. And she slept some more. She had breakfast. And she slept.

I’m telling you, this is one stressful life we’re talking about here.

Meanwhile, I was up. Vicky had woken me at about five o’clock with threats of death if I kept snoring. Being awake was the safe option. I went downstairs and killed the minions of Azeroth for a while but then, as you may already have read, I went to the gym.

By about noon, Vicky was awake. She decided to take me to see Sicko – nice lady, my wife. So, we left… and returned. She’d forgotten something.

And then, we left.

And returned.

And left…

By 1:30, we were pretty sure we had everything we needed… and left.

We had a patriotic lunch at El Torito, with extra spicy guacamole. Then, we stopped by Border’s and picked up some very patriotic books and some other very patriotic books. Finally, we did what all patriotic Americans do on this very patriotic day… we went to the movies. We didn’t see Transformers – as it appeared the rest of the country was doing. No, we saw SiCKO.

What can I tell you about SiCKO that you haven’t heard elsewhere? Well, it’s good. Beyond that, it possesses a depth of emotion seldom seen in a documentary. The movie is about how we take care of each other and how we take care of ourselves. The irony of this big guy, Mike Moore, telling us about health care probably never escaped the filmmaker but this big guy with a small voice speaks directly to your heart. It is not a film about health care. It is a film about if we care and you really need to ask, at some point, if you do or if apathy has corrupted you as deeply as that. You might say he is preaching to the choir but that presumes no alternative but not to preach at all. The choir needs to be led and I am glad to tell you that Michael Moore does a good job, and he may even make a few converts along the way.

And what did we do after? We bought recyclable batteries to fuel our Wii! (Yes, we've already killed the set the system came with - what can I tell you?)

So, there was our Independence Day. We were just in the living room, sipping Malibu and punch and watching Bridezillas and I’m glad to say it was pretty good.

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