Monday, January 21, 2008

Vicky’s morning…

(Vicky assures me this wasn't a typical morning... still...)

I went into work late this morning. By late, I mean 8:00am. I woke up at 5:30, went to the gym, took a shower, had some breakfast – really kinda took it easy this morning and went in late.

You see, normally, I’m at work long before the butt-crack of dawn even begins to show a cheek. I start at 6:30am.

One of the benefits of going in late is that I really got to see what Vicky’s morning is like. You see, she normally starts later in the day and gets home hours after I do.

And I’ve found myself wondering why that is.

This morning, I found out. I usually wake up in the dark and the cold. Vicky wakes up when the sun comes up and warms her. I wake up long before the world is awake. Vicky wakes up with radio and TV programs, live not pre-recorded. And we both go to bed at the same time, mind you. Who do you think gets more sleep?

Now, I can see how she’s able to sleep in on the weekends. I usually wake up at 5am or 6am and she’s usually asleep until 9am. It’s because that’s about how we usually wake up during the week! I think I’m totally sleeping in when I get up at 6am – I know nothing about sleeping in! Vicky is the pro! I am not worthy of her skillz!

Tomorrow, I’ll go back to my normal routine and leave as Vicky still has hours of sleep to go. I’m not bitter; I’m glad she gets her mornings… but I do feel kinda stupid

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