Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The last chicken of 2007…

Two days before Christmas, on December 23, 2007, Vicky and I picked up Popeye’s chicken. Popeye’s is one of my favorite, fast-food, fried chicken joints out there – far superior to KFC! I love picking it up!

Yesterday, while she was cleaning out the fridge, Vicky handed me the Popeye’s box, which had been in there for over a week, and said, “Throw this away.”

“Throw it away? Are you serious? That’s Popeye’s!”

“It’s old. You haven’t eaten it. Throw it away.”

I could hear the last piece in there. Worse, it was a breast! It was the biggest piece! Just waiting!

“I can’t throw it away! It’s Popeye’s!”

Then, Vicky gave me a look. The look said, “Then, eat it.” Which showed her complete lack of understanding. Would you eat the Mona Lisa? That’s been sitting, uneaten, for centuries. Did Da Vinci’s wife tell him to eat it or throw it out? No! And Popeye’s chicken is by no measure any less a work of art than Da Vinci’s little painting!

I never did see if the chicken was moldier than the Mona Lisa…

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